MXM Black Owned Businesses Vol. I


Just because Black History Month is over and BLM hashtags aren’t flooding your timeline doesn’t mean you STILL can’t support black-owned businesses.

MXM presents Black-Owned Businesses Vol. I:


Includes a toque from Educ8 and Gifted, salt and vinegar dills from Mojojo Pickles, solidarity > silence face mask with filter insert and carrying pouch from @dkaq, and tea light variety pack from Onenes Holistics!  Also, check out Melanistic Magazine Life in Black magazine!

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About the businesses…

  • Educ8d + Gifted (EG) is more than just a clothing line.  It’s a brand, culture, and lifestyle. EG is founded on the principles that we are all a student of life and we all have a gift to offer. While combining urban culture with modern design, we trade on passionate individuality and knowing that what we wear is as much a part of who we are as where we come from.  Flaunt your gifts. Go in style!


  • Crowned is for all the Kings and Queens out there who are wanting extra positivity and love in their life. Crowned started in 2020 from Adaeze’s motivational page @DearKingsandQueens which focuses on helping pick up Kings and Queens crowns when they feel they cannot on their own. Crowned provides affirmation apparel and products and works with small businesses to help provide quality merch to showcase their brand for the gems they are! If you need some extra reminders throughout the day of how great and necessary you are, you have come to the right place, #GetCrowned today!


  • Mojo Jojo Pickles was started in 2011 as a commercial venture of a Slow Food Edmonton Canning Bee project Johwanna “Jojo” Alleyne started in 2010.  A former Photographer Darkroom Technician and Photographic Archivist,  Johwanna made the switch to full-time pickling in 2011.  Having lived through the digital age of photography,  using her creativity to make and share real things was a return to her creative roots. Mojo Jojo Pickles has expanded to include many creative acidified and spirited preserved foods from pickles to condiments, beverage syrups, and shrubs.


  • Oneses Holistics Our products are cultivated with the same love and respect that was intended for every “body”. We use the purest, highest quality, raw ingredients, from the Earth, just as nature intended. Our promise is to provide you with healing and nourishing protection for your skin, all while enhancing cell renewal and rejuvenating texture and appearance. 100% NATURAL, NO CHEMICALS, NO FRAGRANCES, NO ALCOHOL and NO PRESERVATIVES. We are eternally grateful to help reconnect the oneness of nature and our human family. Thank you for trusting us!



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