Whether you need full-service client retention consulting, custom gift boxes, or both, I'm excuted to meet your unique needs.

Taking care of your client- and proving how much you appreciate their business – will propel your organization forward.

Convert.  Appreciate.  Retain.

Choose from three tiers of client retention consulting: silver, gold, and platinum.

Each tier includes a consultation, a cultivation plan (to identify and retain top clients), promotional emails, follow-up calls, holiday touch points, social media posts, and tokens of appreciation.

To ensure we remain on the same page throughout the year, each tier also includes quarterly check-in calls. These calls give us time to analyze results and make data-informed decisions to maximize our impact.

In an effort to meet your specific needs, the quantities of each deliverable vary based on the consulting tier. Depending on your priorities, we can develop tailored outreach plans for the top clients in your portfolio and/or the most promising prospects on your list.

Our Pricing Tiers


This tier is tailored to businesses with less than 50 clients.


Businesses with 100 clients will benefit most from the gold consulting tier.

In addition to the above list of offerings, Gold Consulting also includes milestone and anniversary recognition, along with a direct mail campaign.


This tier of consulting is best suited for businesses that want to engage 150 clients.

Platinum Consulting expands Gold Consulting to also include digital content creation and event support.

Custom Gift Boxes

Easily and efficiently build memorable gift boxes tailored to your individual clients.

After you select attributes from a list of 30 options, Moments by Morrel will create a personalized gift box guaranteed to impress.

No more cliché gifts. No more running from store-to-store curating baskets. And no more online research.

To ensure the box aligns with your vision, you can review the hand-selected items before giving final approval.

On top of this, our gift boxes are eco-friendly and convert to temporary planters. Your clients will remove the gift, water the box, and watch their plant grow—creating a lasting impression.

This done-for-you, personalized service will save you time and money, and let you focus on doing work only you can do!


Ordering a gift box is simple.  Give us the name(s) and any important information you would like us to know about the person (If you don’t have anything, that is okay too. We will rely on your emotional intelligence, demographic information, and analytics to help us paint a better picture of you the person might be).  Remember it is not about the contents inside, it is about the thought behind it.  We would be honored to help you curate a unique moment(s) for those clients who support your business.  
We charge a 30% gratuity on the overall budget.  The budget will be reserved for the contents inside. 

How It Works

Free Gift Consultation

Using our free gift consultation survey Moments by Morrel will ascertain the perfect gift box to send to your giftee.


Choose your Gift Price Range

Moments by Morrel gift boxes come in a variety of different price ranges, each with a large assortment of different items.

We Take Care of the Hard Part

Thats it!

We take care of all the heavy lifting to insure that your gift recipient receives the perfect box.

Still Have Questions?