What is Moments by Morrel

My name is Morrel. Owner and founder of Moments by Morrel.
We specialize in helping YOU say thank you to your clients. I have been asked countless times “What do you do? And how do you come up with these unique ways of saying “thank you?” 

Our Mission:

To provide our clients with a personalized unforgettable customer service experience

Client Retention Consulting

Take the next step in building your business by using my client retention services.

Custom Gift Boxes...That Grow!

Easily and efficiently build memorable gift boxes tailored to your individual clients.

We aim to be an extension of your brand. Our process is very simple:

1. Prospect research: We work with you to understand your client's interests and needs and use this as a foundation that we build on with our independent findings.

2. Budget and timelines: We work within your company's budget and timeline (minimum order is $150).

3. Validate our findings: We present our appreciation strategy to ensure we are reflecting you and your brand.


4. Get Your Approval: Before we move forward with any strategies, first we ensure we have your approval.

5. Create the Moment: We try to support as many local vendors and artisans as we can, creating a unique and personalized experience for your client.

After a sale, you want to thank your clients for their business.  Likewise, you know it’s equally important to follow up with prospects and former clients. 

Moments by Morrel offers a suite of services to help you generate leads, convert prospects, retain clients, and leave a lasting impression.

Convert Prospects

Show Appreciation

Retain Clients

Clients needs are important.
Give more than a gift, create a moment.

Client Goals

Set and meet goals for creating and retaining clients.

Client Relationship Consulting

Build upon or create new client relationships.

Stress Management

We take the stress out of client followup

Client Advice

Best practices for building and maintaining clients.


See what people are saying about Moments by Morrel.

Curtis Lipscombe - Investment Advisor

Moments by Morrel have exceeded my expectations when it comes to quality, service and most importantly, experience. Morrel engages you by asking personal key questions about my clients. As a result I have a client who is thrilled because they received a personalized gift for them.  I would highly recommend Moments by Morrel for busy professionals who are looking to set themselves apart in their industries.

Lauren Toma - Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

I was so impressed with the Father’s Day Gift Box I had ordered from Moments by Morrel. My Dad is a big cook, so having the box be customized with cooking in mind was great!
So thankful that I didn’t have to make a big shopping trip out of it, and track down all those unique, local goodies that were in there! He looooved it 😀

Amazing service- would highly recommend Morrel “Mo” Wax”
Karli Poett - Client Services Professional

When I received my Moments box on my birthday last year, I was blown away! I am very into food, new foods, local foods, and trying new things! My Moment contained tons of local, delicious goodies including unique chocolate, carrot cake jam and banana ketchup; not to mention the aesthetic of the box was beautiful. It felt like it was made just for me and not like a “cookie cutter” gift. It was such a unique experience to open and explore, and everyone at my birthday party was so intrigued! If you’re looking for a specially designed experience for someone special, this is definitely the way to go.

Whitney Riley - Assistant Vice President Non For Profit

Our client wanted to develop a new program to both retain customers and provide incentives for those customers to grow their relationship with our client.  Morrel worked closely with our client and identified multiple existing opportunities for them to provide value for customers as well as helped develop new offerings.  Throughout, he was a conscientious partner who listened and asked good questions to determine the “best fits” for our client. The resulting engagement program they developed has been a resounding success and continues to provide critical revenue to our client as well as mutual benefits for them and their customers.  Morrel’s attention to detail, creativity, and focus on desired outcomes for both the client and their customers ensured our overall success.

Adrian Reynolds - Investment Advisor

I’ve known Morrel for quite some time and during the developmental phase of Moments I stayed engaged and eager to learn more. From a business development perspective moments is geared towards growing your business from existing clients using retention techniques that are bespoke to each business. I operate a full service wealth management practice and in our first meeting with Moments we went through my business model, areas of spending, time and  cost of attracting new clients as well as retention activities to create warmth around existing clients. I then had a number of consultations with Moments and we went over questions that they had from our first meeting. Once Moments had a foundation built around my business they offered advice on target demographics and areas that may prove beneficial to grow my business. The entire process was customized to my business and my thoughts; we came up with unique ideas together which Moments then built an activity model and then executed.  With day-to-day activities usually pushing business development to the side, having Moments’ collaborative approach really helped me to focus on new activities to grow my business. I fully believe that Moments can help take your business to the next level.

About Me

Hey, I’m Morrel—

Thanks for stopping by!

Given my experience growing portfolios and sustaining high-dollar donors, I know how important it is to make a good first impression. But it doesn’t end there. The entire journey of a donor needs to be personalized and positive.

Just as my success was dependent on how I engaged donors, the way you treat your clients directly impacts your retention rates, lead generation, and ultimately, your bottom line….

Clients Needs Are Important.
Give More Than a Gift, Create a Moment.

Between work and family, I know you’re busy. You don’t have time to determine optimal touch points for each client and brainstorm tailored tokens of appreciation.

Although you have the best intentions, you resort to your typical engagement strategies: handwritten notes, template emails, and holiday cards. Nice gestures, but you want to do more.

If you’re eager to stand out—and know a quick thank you note just doesn’t cut it—work with me to create a more personalized experience.

If you want to convert more prospects and retain top clients, take the cultivation, engagement, and appreciation work off your plate. I’ll focus on client retention. You focus on making the next sale.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Building Client Relationships Today.